Why Biogenic Model?


Introduce to you : The World First Ever Character Building Program Using Biogenic Model


There are two models of mindset programing namely “self talk” and “visualization”. Each model carries its weight and impact towards personal transformation. There are some differences between these models.


The power of self talk and attitude change

When we apply “self talk” to ourselves, we use the first level of mindset programing. We aware of what we want to achieve but our mind are not guided on how to do it. For example, you say to yourself “I am discipline financially” Your mind is given “instruction” to be discipline, but how? When it comes to day to day life practices, you might not be able to live up the standard of discipline that you require. As a result, your attitude shift becomes vague and weak.

The power of visualization and attitude change

Through “Biogenic character building”, you would be able to move to the second level of mindset programing through “Conditioning Visualization”. You would be able to experience the new attitude by involving yourself in your “mental video”.

Example, “See yourself saving 10% of your income to the bank account every month” “See your monthly statement increase from 10,000 to 20,000 and after few years, you have RM100,000 in your bank account. Through descriptive and vivid visualization like this, you would be able to link the attitude change to your action by seeing yourself executing the process.

There are five elements that make the Biogenic model works for you.

First Element: To apply “whole brain visualization”

When we visualize using factual information, we awake our left brain. When we visualize with emotional episode, we awake our right brain. By using whole brain visualization, we achieve our mental programming with more impact.

Example of left brain visualization: See yourself bank in 10% of your income every month to your bank Accountability and Reliability

Example of right brain visualization: See yourself withdrawing RM100,000 from the  bank. You travel to Hong Kong with your beloved family. See yourself having fun at the Disney world Theme park.


Second Element: To instill breakthrough in your visualization

When we visualize using factual information, we stop our mind to think beyond “logic” and lock ourselves to low profile performance. On the other hand, when we think about the impossible, we lead our attitude towards winner’s attitude who aspires to do what others say “difficult”.

Example of logic visualization: As an athelet, see yourself complete your training session at the track. Your coach says to you “You have done a great job”

Example of breakthrough visualization: See yourself having your training at the Olympic village pra to the Olympic competition. Your coach says to you, “It is time for you to break the world record.”

Third Element: To instill “real life experience” in your visualization

In order to make your visualization a real experience in your mind, the whole mental video needs to be programmed with actual challenges and environment. Example, see yourself is lining up at the airport check in counter with your wife and children. See yourself hand over your passport to the imigression officer for stamping. You can also hear the airport announcement while you are walking towards the waiting lounge.To make it real and impactful, we need to use “production sound” as the background music.

Fourth element: To instill specific “emotional” response using music psychology

Music is a stong tools for emotional stimulation. You can have a sense of patriotism by listing to marching music; you can relax and reflect deeply using ambient music. You can have a sense of “love and romance” by listing to the sentimental music. Violin music is good for describing sad moment. The whole series of Biogenic Mind recording is using music background as an emotional cushion to lead the users towards the emotion that is required.

Fifth element: To stimulate attitude change through “creative visualization”

Attitude change using symbolic story and creative analogies are very effective when we touch on certain “elements” that is sensitive to the listener. Example, visualiza yourself as a tortoise and compete with the rabbit.  Even though you are slow, but eventually you win the race. You can also visualize yourself as a hot air balloon that rise higher and higher to the sky. You are promoting yourself from a supervisor to a manager, and after sometimes, you become a senior manager. See the word “senior manager’ at the hot air balloon. You can see yourself is waiving your hand to the beautiful world below you. What a great experience of moving up your corporate ladder staircase and become a leader in your industrial. In short, creative visualization help to make your attitude change an interesting process; it also helps to instill values without hurting any party.

Biogenic Mind Visualization  – A fun process

By experiencing the Biogenic Mind Visualization, you would be able to reap the result of your attitude change as easy as ABC. You do not need to go through the boring process of reading books, you do not need to attend seminar after seminar. You also do not need to consult the greatest master in the world. You are the GREATEST master and you can do it by yourself through Biogenic Mind Visualization. Through this practice, you can train your mind to adopt the attitude change for yourself “anytime”, “anywhere” with fun and excitement.

The great news is , we are giving Free Coaching Session to those who are interested to adopt this methodology in their teaching. We welcome parents and teachers to join our weekly “Biogenic Class”


From the years of training and development, we find that Biogenic Model plays an effective role in character building and attitude change.

It is a process of conditioning visualization and blended with whole brain imagination, music psychology and self affirmation. This model of mental training is truly impactful and it adds extra bonus to the the conventional character building practices like training, counseling or coaching.

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