What is the learning methodology of Biogenic Auto Success System

Biogenic Success System

Biogenic Success System

What is the learning methodology of Biogenic Auto Success System

         First, goal awareness habit – Biogenic Model

         Second, goal principles habitual thought – Learn and repeat

         Third, goal execution habit  – Planner


What is the meaning of auto success?

The process of leading oneself towards what he want to achieve liken to a magnet. You will discover why somebody are so lucky and able to attract what he want in life. With these principles, one will get what he want when the times come.

This process is the result of mental habitual direction, and not just the will power

What is the main different between Biogenic Success System compare with motivational seminar

         It is a success habit development through “mental refresher approach”, “synthetic experience approach” and “habit execution approach” , it is not just base on understanding and awareness.

What is the major benefit of this program?

         It build permanent change and help the children to achieve the result he wants in life

         It develop a life long goal attainment habit to get whatever he want to achieve in life


How the auto successes work?

Everyone is governed by habit. Biogenic Success System develops the goal execution habit that is applicable for both character goals and achievement goals. With this habit, he will work towards his goal without the need of external motivation.

Why auto success is important?

Many people are not getting the result they want because they are easily deviate by external factors – games, fun, recreation or other priorities.

With auto success, the initiative to achieve is not a forceful process, but an automatic journey without the need to exert conscious control.

Why one to one coaching?

Everyone has a different mission, interest and strength. Through one to one coaching, we will discover the needs of an individual and link then to the program execution.

What are the results of Biogenic Coaching?

You will discover the changes in your child and see positive result in their daily endeavor.

How is the personal coaching work?

It is not a learning process, rather a self discovery process. Through the coaching process, your child will be able to explore their habitual development needs. After coaching, the coachee will execute the new habitual change until he is able to work on his new habit without conscious awareness.


What is the major challenge in Biogenic Coaching?

The children might let go the habit formation process before they are able to rebuild his mental habit. In order to manage this limitation, the follow up meeting is vital to help the children to work on the habit formation with continuous moral support.

How parent can help to enhance the habitual development.

Parent plays a vital role in shaping the success habit of a child. Through daily supervision , praise and encouragement, your child will be able to embrace the success habit with positive environment.


What are the minimum sessions to master the success habit formation?

It very much depends on the progress of your children. Minimum of ten session will be enough to help your child to master the program.

By Cikgu Yew

Goal Achiever Coach


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