How to transform your attitude?

»       “With visualization, almost immediately, mind changes matter.”

»       “Now we know for certain- fact – that thoughts, emotions and beliefs are not just subjective ideas in the mind but cause real chemical and physical changes in the body.”

»       “Our thoughts and attitudes inspire our actions, and our actions create our world.”

Our whole body is enclosed by energy layer which we call “Aura” and it determines our performance and productivity. The aura contains everything about you, it lives in every cell of your body and stretches beyond that to every aspect of your life. The Aura contains not just your physical body (Health) , it also holds your emotions, your thoughts, your attitudes, your experiences, it is your consciousness. In other words, Aura is a form of life energy. When we are depressed or sick, our Aura is weak and we feel week. On the other hand, when we feel excited and motivated, our Aura is strong and we feel good about everything around us.

Your mindset is the foundation of your energy

The study of mind and body has been a great interest of most psychology scholars. They find that our thoughts affect the way we feel and the way we react to certain situation. When we think positively, we would feel good about the process, in so doing, we will reflect a positive vibration in our outlook, reaction and attitude.  On the other hand, when we start to think negatively, everything good around us will soon getting weak mentally. As a result, we will tend to blame and react negatively.

Study also shown that people with negative mindset will become stressful and tired more easily compare to those who are positive and cheerful. It has been recognized worldwide that mental healing is frequently used in clinical practice to treat a variety of illness and diseases where stress is an aggravating factor.

When dealing with emotional breakdown, psychologist discovers that we can rebuild the mental energy through mindset modification.

Visualization for attitude reformation

Your visualization doesn’t just heal your physical body, but also your mind, your intention and attitude, even your emotional state too.

Mental visualization has been recognized as a clinical treatment for psychological syndrome through counseling and Neuro Linguistic Program. It is also being used widely in the stress management practice. The philosophy behind the whole process is base on the belief that “we get what we focus on”. If we focus on positive images, the thought will empower our attitude. On the hand, if we focus on negative images, our attitude will become weak.

It is not just in what you do or say, there is so much power in your thoughts, your beliefs and intention. Your mind is a major contributor to the energy and substance of your aura. Whether that is subconscious or conscious, they both play a major part.

“And recent studies have shown that such is the power of our awareness and our brain that just listening to sentences describing motion activates our brains as if we were doing the movements (Mental simulation).”

True enough, visualization link your mind to your body reaction. Every fiber, nerve system and muscle is actually connected to the brain. When we activate our brain, our body will tend to react in the way that relate to your brain wave.

Such connection becomes the foundation of character building. We understand that our character and attitude is measured by how our response to the environment. Every single thought that vibrates from our brain will make a different in our reaction, and ultimately determined the fate of our life. In other words, our mental aura can build a person’s life; it can also destroy a person’s life. Patients with depression are prone to think negatively on all happening around them. They fail to rebuild their destructive thought. When this happen, they are tend to choose suicide as a remedy.

Understanding the process of Aura Modification


In our effort to improve our attitude, we need to learn on how to work with our thoughts. Every single thought that generate from our brain cell is actually a booster for our attitude transformation. Since everyone has their own mental habit, to reform the thoughts of a person can be a very tedious process. Most often, a person will fall back to their original mental pattern even though they are being informed to think positively. This is the reason why a person’s life is regarded as ‘fate”. We are living our life in an autopilot manner base on our mental habit.

Through the years of studies on character building, we found that habitual thoughts can be reformed through conditioning visualization. The whole process is focus on the amplification of our desired mental habit using “Biogenic Mind Resonance” strategies. Every single thought that we want to unlearn and relearn can be programmed using Biogenic Mind Mapping process. The collection of mental aura through such process will help a person to determine which desirable mental pattern that he wants to rewrite. Once the new mental pattern has been identified, the mind mapping will endorse the whole mental visualization using five biogenic mental models (Please refer index). By broadcasting the biogenic energy through listening, it will than merge with the mental energy. This process will create an aura resonance which than amplify the desired mental pattern. This whole process of Biogenic Mind Visualization is also called as “Biogenic Aura Programing”


Is Biogenic Mind Visualization work for everybody?


Everyone has a potential to visualize and develop their own desired mental picture. The power of mental visualization has become a sleeping faculty in most people. They only visualize base on what they see and what they belief in. In so doing, they become box in with their current mental status. On the other hand, when we are able to intervene our visualization and lead our mind to explore mental breakthrough, we will than become more dynamic and positive. For example, a person who suffers from cancer disease can think about the death, he can also think about long life. An untrained mind will tend to become the victim of environment threat or challenges. They will tend to think about fear and doubt. On the other hand, when we guide our mind with conditioning visualization, we lead our mind away from negative elements and start to dominant our mindset with the qualities that we want. In short, visualization is a tool that everyone can use to tamp attitude and character.



 Our mind is our fate machine. We develop our own mental aura and than the mental aura determine our attitude and character. Sadly to say, most people let their negative thoughts to predominant their life and end up with despair, anger, doubt and fear. Through Biogenic Aura Programing, you can rebuild your mental aura. Through this process, you will be able to transform your life and lead you towards greatness.

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