The BUAT learning principles that impact Biogenic Model

As the saying goes, what you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand.

In Biogenic Mind Visualization, we enhance the learning through the mental application of “seeing” in the mind and “doing” by participation in the episode of visualization. In other words, we want the participants to  EXPERIENCE the change in his mind before it takes place in his life.

This learning process is indeed a bonus to the conventional learning methodology like seminar, counseling or just reading alone. When the learners participate himself and see himself is acting the “character change” that required of him, it is much more powerful than just watching movies and emulate someone else doing it.  It is also more powerful than just having the awareness and know-how of change.


The Biogenic MindVisualization embraces the four principles of effective learning which is creating Believe – Understand – Action – Testify (BUAT). These principles is vital in the execution of unlearn and relearn process. Only when a person has upgrade his mental setup towards a new set of believe and understanding, whatever we ask them to do will NEVER become an automatic process. This is because his mindset dominates by passes experience or belief system. He will fall back to his “Old Mindset” easily.


ThroughBiogenic MindVisualization, the participants will be able to reset his inner believe through “self searching” and “self justification” through the application of  BUAT’s learning process. By using the pre-setting attitude script (We call itBiogenic MindMapping) , the participants will simulate the character they want into their mind liken to a pilot simulate the flight experience using the simulator. The action that is being executed in the mind (ACTION) level will able to TESTIFY the benefit of each character change through positive emotional generated from the practice.


Conventional learning like reading and listening to talk / sharing alone would not be able to generate the joy of change. However, through the application of Psycho sonic formulation, we are able to influence the learners using Music Psychology and Affirmation. This part of learning is the most vital part of the wholeBiogenic MindVisualization. As we know, whatever learning will remain in the mind level and would not generate practical action without building positive feeling on it.

Thinking – Emotion – Action – Character – Habit

As a conclusion, a true process of habit formation would need to integrate the whole TEACH principle. The only way to enhance habit is through “constant repetition” by carry out Mental Practice (visualization) or Realistic Performance through daily application


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