Attitude Assessment Model for your students / children

When your children have a good attitude and low level of hazard around him, he considered an excellent student. On the other hand, if he has poor attitude and high level of hazard around him, he considered a high risk student. The study of risk profiling will enable parents and teachers to charter the right plan of action to reduce the hazard level and prevent the children being trapped into the social problem.

Just like fire safety, a building has to be examined thoroughly in term of fire prevention and fire evacuation measure, before the Fire Brigade can certify it. The tenant of the building has to go through fire drill and role-play the actual happening so that they can be fully prepared for the unexpected risk. So as children, they need to mentally ready to handle all sort of stress factors and environment challenges.

If we seriously explored the risk to our children, you will find that no children are free from character shortcoming. This means that no children are perfect. Each and every one of us has our strength and weaknesses. The only difference is some children have more attitude weakness compare to the others. BACA has identified a series of 49 core characters that become the benchmark of our children attitude well-being. Any children who show 80% compliances to the listing means they are safe and good. On the other hand, if they have less than 30% of the character listing, this means that they need special guidance and attention. Nevertheless, BACA believes that every children must be exposed to all the 49 character training and development disregard of their current status and risk factors. By doing this, we will be able to assist them to groom their strength and overcome their weakness.

Another aspect of assessment is to understand your children’s current strength in term of character Vs vision.

Index Character Vs Vision

< Character  , >  Vision Warning
 > Character, >  Vision (Safe) Good students
 < Character  , < Vision High Risk  >  Character < Vision Cautious



From the above chart, we can understand that a child with good conduct consist of character strength and vision strength. Diminish any of these factors will not be able to develop a competitive child. In other words, moral teaching alone without a strong career foundation will still expose the children to life hazard that will draw him towards various life problems.



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