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Ever since I started my career as a teacher since 1992, I made a pledge to myself that I want to transform 100,000 lives towards success and greatness. I traveled from town to town, school to school, spreading my motivation message using Biogenic Model (Previously known as Autogenesis). To my surprise, this methodology works wonders. Instead of using “recall methodology”, I make Biogenic Model as a major training topic. All the students who responded to me through SMS or email said that they are truly touched by the Biogenic experience. The great news is, many students apply the Biogenic Model as their daily practice. The impact of Biogenic daily practice seems become the core success factor of my training program. This is because Biogenic Model is able to lighten up the inspiration and creating inner change more than just motivation messages, success stories or group assimilation.


For about twenty years, I work very hard to polish up the psychological impact of Biogenic Model. Besides working on character building, I also developed a series of career building program using this model. Even though this is a good model, but I have my personal limitation. I can only help those students that come to my attention. In 2011, I rebuild my life mission. I want to share this knowledge to anyone who wishes to involve in character building and attitude development. With this mission in mind, I hope more students will be benefited from this model. This prompts me to set up this website and share my training secret FREELY to anyone who wants to explore the power of Biogenic Model.


With the moral support from Y.Bhg.Prof.Madya Dr. Mohammed Fadzil Che Din, his lecturer in UPM during his master study; the Biogenic Aura Crest Academy (BACA) will kick off the nationwide character awareness. With the formation of this academy, I wish to leave a legacy by spreading this extra-ordinary methodology of “Biogenic Model”  to all Malaysian and the world as a whole.


I sincerely believe that “Biogenic Mind” is the “TRUE” remedy for character and attitude shortcoming. It is an answer to the predicament that posted by most educationists that “Attitude is hard to change.” I also believe that this is one of the solutions to complement the effort of combating social problems inMalaysia. Since every community start from family unit, I hope to see how this program could enrich the values development of every family. To make this happen, I wish to make a wake up call to all parents, “Let us work hand in hand to help our children, as the saying goes: To bend the bamboo, we have to start doing it when it is still young.”


With the discovery of this mental transformation model, I personally hope to change the way how people look at those “problematic” students or dropout?  Some say “These students are hopeless, they are useless”; some commented “Nobody can change them, they are what they are”, some even complaint “The teacher is not good enough”. According to the literature of personal development, our mental habit works like an auto pilot. It always leads us back to our ‘old self’ without conscious awareness. But with the application of Biogenic Model, the whole “unlearn and relearn” process will become an automatic and unstoppable process.


Through out the years, I work with individual from all works of life to improve the quality of their life through habitual reformation. I have a strong believe that “attitude is the foundation of life.” With this model, divorcees are able to rebuild their attitude and rebuild a wholesome marriage life. I also help people to awaken their sleeping dreams by retightens up their burning desire and move them into action. True enough, the Biogenic practice are able to retune and overhaul people mental habit towards a new mental paradigm.  I am proudly to say that Biogenic Model is indeed the best solution for permanent character change. I named this mental tuning process as “Biogenic MindVisualization”.


You too can be part of this meaningful venture and experience for yourself the power of human reengineering using Biogenic MindVisualization.  If you are keen and wish to know more about this wonderful project, just drop me an email at [email protected]. I would like to guide you as our Biogenic Mind Designer.


Abang Yew