Why Character Building?

Most parents like to help their children academically, but only handful parent would say “I want to help my children attitutely”.

The first thing that we have to accept is the fact that “attitude” can be changed. In fact, your child is not fated into certain behavior. Through a process of awareness development, your child will be able to sense the need to change certain character. For example, when your child is being scolded or hit by his friends due to his misconduct, he starts to aware of his attitude shortcoming. Such panstaking change awareness is considered too late for remedy. There might be some emotional trauma or phyzical destruction that comes along with such change. This is why people say “Prevention is better than cure”. But, how do we do it.

Academician and educationist around the world are working hard to search for the best solution to create a change in our children’s life before any tragedy strikes them. We want to provide them with mental shield to protect them from becoming the victim of social problems. We also want to guide them to develop quality attitude that lead them towards success and welbeing in life.

Through the study of human behavior, we found that attitude change must be something that comes from the heart of the child. When we scold our child, our voice and message act as an external stimulus to the child. When our child shows a rebellious behavior towards our reprimand, our “good” messages will be rejected by them. In other words, by just asking them to do something without their participation is not an effective character building process. Our children might be doing it base on their respect to you, but they won’t plant what they don’t appreciate in their “mind” as a new set of attitude. This is why many parents are upset with their children just because their children cannot change their character after many times of reminder and reprimand. Some parent concludes that “Attitude cannot be changed” They surrender and they give up to help their children anymore. When this happen, some parents think that “third pary” might be able to assist them. They send their children for counselling, attending motivation seminar or even send their children to another school. To their disapointment, most of children are still unable to reform their attitude permanently. Most of them feel excited and commit for personal change for just a few weeks, and fall back to their Original Behavior. No doubt, the program is interesting and meaningful, the speaker is good and talented; but these programs still work as an external stimulus that does not really give a permanent habitual formation. Psychologist around the world find that “attitude” is a moral habit that can only be reformed through repetation of awareness. This means that by just attending a seminar for one time, or read a book for one time does not really help. All the knowledge and awareness will sooner disappear from the child mental faculty without any permanet impact.

Founded By Abang Yew

Than, how do we go about it? We have a formula for you. We call this “Biogenic Model”. We hope that through the application of this system, it makes a different in your child’s attitude development. The system applies the Aura Resonant Formula. When our mental energy resonant with the desired frequency through visualization, it’s amplified the mental change process.

The whole mental training is focus on “participation” process by your children. We help your child to ponder on character building issues by getting them to involve in the episode given. Each of the event and processes has been specially designed to develop a balance learning experience by using whole brain learning. Through the sensational reflection process, your children will be able to unlearn the pass attitude and relearn with new set of belief system.

There are three reasons why Biogenic Aura System could works wonders on your children attitude development. Unlike reprimand and teaching, the whole biogenic experience will lead your children towards self actualization using the creative imagination techniques. Your children will be able to project their “Desired result” in their mind before it happens in his life. Such futuristic power is a powerful magnet that draws your child towards their life destiny. When such mental habit has been rooted in his life, it will create an auto-pilot process towards the realization of his new behavior.

Secondly, Biogenic Aura System also applies the psychosonic approach, by using music psychology in attitude transformation. The whole program is mixed with ambient music that leads them to their inner soul through emotional touch. In fact, ambient music is a good mental remedy. Your children will enjoy the whole process and involve themselves emotionally. To make the learning impactful, each of the episode description is also come with production sound that lead your children towards the actual experience and environment.  Thirdly, Biogenic Aura System is so interesting and attractive that your children will love to listen to it repeatedly. In other words, they will enjoy the learning process. Unlike books, not many children are motivated to read it repeatedly. The listening process is more convenient and easy compare to attending seminar or reading books. They can do it anytime, anywhere they want. They can listen to it while they are eating, taking bath or resting.

Let us know if you are interested to use this model for your children development.