Jom lahirkan wira

Semua insan adalah wira

Mencari ruang tonjolkan kehebatan

Berusaha keras siang dan malam

Untuk membina lagenda hidup


Nama wira sedap didengar

Tapi proses perjuangan penuh cabaran

Sebelum menikmati madu di hati

Terbakar lidah menelan api


Benih wira sungguh luarbiasa

Dibawa balik ke taman BACA

Suburkan tanah siramkan air

Suatu hari menjadi pokok besar


Lahirkan wira misi kami

Siang dan malam kami berbakti

Demi harumkan nama Malaysia tercinta

Sama-sama kita curahkan bakti.


Abang Yew

Achiever Success Platform


Discover your achiever’s quality

Discover your talent when you are young

Bringing yourself to the development platform

Keep on nourishing your skills and competency

And lead you towards the world class performance


Talent and potential should not be covered

Say yes when you are spotted for world attention

Take part in learning and say “ I am ready”

To polish your success with full commitment


New born achiever is always fragile

Liken to the new born eagle that can’t fly

Giving them special care and attention

Until their talent is fully groomed with power


When achiever fly high like an eagle

You recall the moment of hard core training

It is not easy but it is meaningful

A making of Hero that make you proud


Abang Yew


Achiever power

An achiever always desire to do it better

Such desire is not from external force

But from inner urge to do his very best

And seek the joy of surpass his own performance


With the process of upgrading his own target

An achiever earns his promotion and increment

Such rewards come to him without any demand

It is the result of his un-conditioning giving heart


Achiever has a personal standard of performance

It is the yardstick of his success

He drive himself on and on without limit

And lead him to achieve his best record in life


Abang Yew


Fake Success

If your success is fake

You inner self will shout it truth

Others might take you as King

But you feel ashamed and disgrace


Many people like to wear mask of success

Showing the world that he is a Hero

Until one day his mask drop off

Laugh and condemned by people around


Fake success is easy to get

No hard works and no sacrifice

Talking big as though you are the winner

With no legacy for the world to cheer


Turning fake success to true success

Molding your destiny with performance track

Yielding result and compile your greatness

And keep your name in the world record.


Start to live up success principles

Turning old belief to new belief

Reset your achievement with memorable success

And proudly say “ I don’t wear mask any more”.


Abang Yew


True achievers

When the sky is dark and stormy

Everyone feel like going home and rest

The achiever stands up and charges on

To strike the fortune which seems hopeless to others


No and no is not the final statement

Achiever goes on to convert to yes

Knowing that rejection is just a process

To secure the result that others say impossible


Achiever has strong will power

Holding on the flame until it become ash

Pain and suffering won’t stop the mission

With the hope to get what you really want


When achiever heart start to surrender

He recharge again with new power

To restart the mission and reborn again

As a phoenix souring in the sky


Achiever heart has weary moment

Toiling hard with stress and sadness

The power to bounce back is the secret

Bringing him another fight with glory stand


Abang Yew

Achiever passion


Love what you do and do what you like

Think about it all day with passion

Enjoy every activity with joy and fun

Take it as hobby with pleasure and happiness


Longing to do it with eagerness and desire

Nothing is hard when your  heart is ready

Take challenges with smile and say great

Overcome every obstacles with a committed heart


When life is tough and lack of resources

Achiever keeps on looking for alternative

Passion remain despite all obstacles and resistance

And ultimately get through all the odds

Abang Yew


Achievers Spirit

When the road is dark and scary

When you fall down and no one care

When the whole world is against you

This is the time you uphold your mission

To fight all out towards your destiny

Telling the world that its not over yet


Poverty and rejection is not the end

The will power to bounce back with strength

Rebuild everything that seems hopeless

To seek the opportunity which is still hiding

The venture is tough and no helping hand

Wanting to get it done with strong will power


After years of toiling with no result

You see the first sight of achievement

It comes to you in an unexpected moment

Others start to appear and cheering your success

Your name shines the world with dignity

This is the true meaning of mission.

Abang Yew

Achiever Success Circle

Achiever Spirit : Discover your calling


When you know your calling

You will do it with passion

Money and reward is secondary

Actualize your success is most important


Your calling is your true mission

When others pass remarks and comment

It will not interfere  your ultimate desire

Because you know what you really want


When your core desire turn into action plan

You can see success start coming to you

The thrill of achievement keep pushing you forward

And turn your mission into reality


Achiever is always a self starter

His inner calling become his driving  force

To excel in life beyond all odds

And become a true achiever in life.


Abang Yew

Achiever Success Circle


Silent Achiever

When your dream is still a seed

Your action will not be noticed

Striving silently with diligent effort

Seeing the first leave germinated from the seed


Building success one step at a time

The seed has grown to become a small tree

The fruits of success is still absent

People wonder about its true value


After years of caring and nurturing

The first fruit is hanging at the branch

Your effort has become an attraction

Drawing people to join your legacy


From silent to be at the limelight

All your effort become a diamond

Reaping your rewards with a joyful heart

As an achiever who fly with dignity


Reflect back moment of metamorphosis

Struggling alone without attention

Breaking out from cocoon as a butterfly

Souring beautifully in the sunny sky


Abang Yew

Achiever Success Circle