Why Character Is So Important?

How often some people feel boring to school/work? Want to have more holidays and rest? But some other people just can’t wait going to work everyday, enjoy every moment of working life. What is the different than. It’s all about attitude. Once you have a positive attitude, you see things differently and your result is also different. As the saying goes “Enjoy your work and you don’t need to work any more”


How often some people say “This is not my rice bowl, I don’t deserve it” Some other people make an effort to learn and adapt to the new challenges. They start making million of dollars and improve their life style. It’s all about attitude. Once your have an abundant attitude, you don’t reject opportunity and you try your best to commit with challenges that is beyond your talent and capacity. As the saying goes, ““You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can’t have it.” – Dr. Robert Anthony


How often some people feel irritated by a happening around him and go through a “suffering day” while others just .smile and say “It’s OK, a greater things is going happen to my life”. They keep the positive perspective in their thoughts (Even though it might not happen), and thus making life more comfortable and enjoyable. Again, it’s all about attitude, how you view the happening around you will determine the type of reaction you generate in your life. As the saying goes “Complaint and blaming does not contribute towards personal success.”


How often some people say “If I am given this and that, If I have the opportunity, I will surely become a rich man”.  While some others go all out and overcome all the limitation and deficiency, they go for night class , they spend on their pre-project investment, they prepare A to Z and commit to his dream  he make it happen. Again, it’s all about attitude, how you take charge of your shortcoming and weaknesses and refill your life with your action and create what you want in your life. As the saying goes, even if the whole world goes against you, you still have the last choice that is to create it yourself.


How often some people say “Life is so torturing, so many problems and unexpected happening that bring about discomfort and challenges.” While some others say “What a wonderful experience, it make a true man through the problematic life journey. Life become more profound, more refind you more matured. Thanks to all these happening that make me a better man to prepare for a greater life to come. Again, it’s all about attitude. We can become the victim of problem or stand above them and become the master of life. As the saying goes “Problem is a tonic of life and make life more fulfilling.’


How often some people say “Life is fated and I just can’t do much about it” while others say “Whatever happen, I still do my best and get what I want.” Again, it is your attitude again. No body can take control of the circumstances, but we can take charge of our mind. The project might be delayed, but ultimately due to various circumstances, but you still make it happen. As the saying goes ” Don’t let the circumstances to control you, you can change your circumstances” Jackie Chan


How often people say, “Life is unfair to me, why people treat me like that, why people don’t understand me” while others are making a way through the predicament and come out as a winner. He take the unfair issue positively and turn them into fighting spirit to strive for greater things in life, they change the dissatisfaction of life to be a learning process. In short, all the negative happening is now become good perspective of life. As the saying goes “It is not important what happen to your life, but the way you look at the happening will decide everything in your life.”


If you can see, the breakdown of numerology for skills is only 82%, many skills worker remain as a normal producer, and they don’t deserve a high quality lifestyle. Knowledge stand 96%, you can see many graduates are not achieving real success in life. But, people with right attitude score 100% in life. Even without education and skills back up, a person with right attitude can climb up his life and achieve miraculous success.


In short, attitude is everything about success. Biogenic Mind program is a series of Character Building Program that help to overhaul your mind and lead you towards the success you want in life. Whoever you are, either you are a student, a teacher, a professional; you surely face your challenges everyday. With a right attitude, you will find that life become more interesting, happy and welcoming.

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